Ransomware Warranty

Our ransomware warranty covers all our costs in recovering your data from backup in the event that a ransomware gets through your line of defence.

Ransomware are notorious for being extremely damaging and for this reason, they constantly appear as news worldwide.  The recommended recovery procedure is to either pay for the ransomware or perform a full system restore from available backups. As you can imagine, the process is often as costly as it is lengthy and often involves out of business hours work for us and your business.

At ITConnexion, we can offer you a holistic and preventative approach to ransomware including desktop and infrastructure level protection as well as end user awareness training.  However, no vendor and products can offer 100% protection. 

When you are a Managed Service client of ITConnexion and have implemented our recommended security and backup solutions we will cover any costs in recovering your data should you experience a ransomware infection.

Our job is to offer you peace of mind when you partner with ITConnexion.           

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