Office 365 Implementation

Now is the time to finally carry out your business’ Office 365 migration strategy. From Office 365 to SharePoint document management and other database platforms, ITConnexion can help your company make the switch to the cloud.

  • Microsoft Office 365 – the suite includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and OneNote.
  • SharePoint - is a highly configurable, web-based collaborative platform that integrates with Word for the purpose of document management and storage.
  • Teams – a platform for communication, collaboration and video conferencing

Why ITConnexion for managed application and Office 365/SharePoint migration?

Planning to finally migrate to Office 365 or SharePoint for better access and management of company documents?

While it may seem simple, sourcing an IT service department to assist your business in the migration step by step is the best way to ensure the migration goes smoothly. ITConnexion can help set up the most effective system for your business in addition to limiting the risk of lost data or security breaches as much as possible during migration.

Due to its home in the cloud, Office 365 is an incredibly flexible and versatile suite of applications. That being said, small trial runs of migration are possible to allow your business to adopt the cloud at the pace that best suits.

Work with our expert engineers at ITConnexion to develop a plan to migrate to the cloud today, enabling growth for your business.

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