Network Design

A well-designed network can accommodate your business growth as well as the agility and security demanded by your business.

ITConnexion can help you build a sophisticated network that will:

  • Consistently provide a high level of performance for your data, and other real-time applications such as voice, video and multimedia.
  • Provide a high level of resilience with minimal downtime by designing redundancy and automatic failover.
  • Offer both flexibility and scalability which is capable of supporting growth without having to radically re-design in the future.
  • Offer cost effectiveness and ROI in terms of the on-going running costs and support costs.


Network Design Experts

Examples of where ITConnexion can assist in your network design:

  • MPLS services (including Express Route to Azure AD).
  • Site to Site VPN (such as IPSec Tunnel) between sites.
  • Wireless security (secure and non-secure).
  • Single Sign On.
  • RADIUS Server.
  • Gateway level web filtering.
  • Load sharing, load balancing, failover and QoS.
  • Network and security policies.


Need a future proof, secure and scalable network?

ITConnexion is a Melbourne based IT Support and Consulting firm that helps businesses grow.  We can help you design a network that is secure, scalable and reliable.  Contact us or fill in the form on the right to book an obligation free initial consultation with one of our IT Network Experts.