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The risk of end-of-life technology around Operating System and Security

Using End-of-Life Software Poses a Threat to Organisations

Computer hardware and software were designed with an expiration date. With new technology being released every day, older systems become obsolete when they can’t handle the amount of data that needs to be processed, can’t support new applications, or fall out of warranty.

Many organisations fail to upgrade their end-of-life products, because it’s inconvenient and costly, however, ignoring the dangers of EOL software may actually end up costing them more money, time, and stress than if they had just replaced the software in the first place.

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Signature based vs AI based end-point protection

Signature Based vs. AI Based Endpoint Protection

Next-gen describes cyber security measures that use machine learning (ML), artificial intelligence (AI), and behavioral analysis to assess and prevent threats more efficiently. This method is more predictive than traditional file scanning, because it can recognise a threat before it becomes a problem.

As security measures become more advanced, cyber attackers try and find loopholes within them. That’s where next-gen endpoint protection comes in. This protects every process on every device to stop threats before they multiply.

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RPL Online
ITConnexion & RPL123 Collaboration

 RPL123 Technology Streamlines the RPL Process

The modern workforce is becoming more distributed and diverse. In order to keep those descriptors alive, organisations need a better way to recruit candidates that fit the job profile they are looking for. But what happens if the perfect candidate is missing the Australian qualification to get the job? That’s where RPL123 comes in.

 RPL123 is an online software solution for Recognition of Prior Learning.

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Employee Security Training

Cybersecurity Strategy for the Coronavirus

Training in cybersecurity is incredibly important to ensure the safety of company data. However, with the recent coronavirus pandemic, employers have been forced to switch to a remote working policy, making it harder to manage potential cyber security threats. While keeping sensitive information safe is still likely a priority for you, it is now increasingly more difficult to catch threats as they come.

ITConnexion has put together a list of security tactics your employees and business can implement during this time to limit the consequences of cyber threats and to further strengthen your IT security

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Cyber Security and Digital Data Protection
IT Security for Home office

Strengthen Your Work from Home IT Security

Security is extremely important when working from home but unfortunately, it’s one of the hardest things to maintain when employees are scattered across various locations.

To ensure your network, sensitive data and private information remain safe and secure, it’s important to educate everyone in the business on the importance of IT security, especially while working remote.

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