SharePoint Implementation

SharePoint is a great web-based platform that can help your business modernise your on-premise infrastructure.

Harness the power of Office 365.  Deploy SharePoint to bring your organisation together. SharePoint is effectively a document management system which allows you to store all information in a central location. SharePoint makes collaboration between your staff much easier and that means everyone in your team can work together, anytime, anywhere.

3 Keys to a Successful SharePoint Implementation

We incorporate the following 3 elements to ensure a successful rollout:

  • Business Analysis. SharePoint should be used to align with your business strategy and its related areas such as Sales, Operations, HR, and Finance etc.  During the analysis, we define the business objectives and identify the stakeholders.  We will explain and demonstrate the features and capabilities of SharePoint and align SharePoint to your business objectives.
  • Proof of Concept. A proof of concept is a small scale implementation of your SharePoint (e.g. for the Sales division).  It will allow the stakeholders to visualise the solution and initiate the communication process to introduce SharePoint to their staff.
  • Staff training. Not only is there freely available training material available online, but we are also there to help. To ensure a smooth introduction, we offer further training if required to make sure that your staff have a good understanding of the new technology.

Interested in knowing how SharePoint can improve your office productivity and collaboration?

ITConnexion is a Melbourne based IT Support and Consulting firm that helps businesses grow.  We can help you make better use of your Office 365 implementation and deploy SharePoint for your organisation. 
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