How to Send Emails to Microsoft Teams Channels

How to send emails to Microsoft Teams channels

Collaboration tools like Microsoft Teams offer a great way to engage with your co-workers on a regular basis. Packed with a variety of features, Microsoft Teams aims to be an all-in-one communications solution, limiting the number of tools your team has to be across. One of the perks of utilising such a system is that a lot of unnecessary emails get cut down thanks to internal chats.

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Adding a Link to Microsoft Teams Channels

Here’s how to add a link to a Microsoft Teams channel

Did you know that you can create a viewable web page on a Microsoft Teams channel? If you’re here then chances are, you want to know how. Microsoft Teams users can simply add a link to a channel tab action. This turns the link into a viewable webpage, regardless of whether the link is from an external website or a SharePoint site. Here’s how it works.

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How to Use Microsoft Teams tabs

What you need to know about using Microsoft Teams custom tabs

With all the handy features equipped on Microsoft Teams, there’s bound to be a few that may sometimes go unnoticed. Microsoft Teams tabs is one such underrated feature. So, what are Microsoft Teams custom tabs and how do you use the feature?

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Recovery text on a black keyboard of a computer.
The Importance of a Disaster Recovery Plan

The Importance of a Disaster Recovery Plan

Disasters affecting IT systems and data represent a significant threat to every organisation. A system crash, power outage, cyber attack, natural disaster or user error can have far reaching consequences, especially for SMBs. What can be considered a disaster depends on the business, but it generally covers any situation resulting in an unacceptable loss of data or productivity.

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Digital crime by an anonymous hacker.
4 Biggest Cyber Threats for SMBs

Biggest Cyber Threats for SMBs

SMBs face the same cyber threats larger enterprises face. Smaller businesses often make the mistake of thinking they may be too small to be a target but this isn’t the case. Attackers increasingly look at SMBs as easier potential targets due to having less stringent defences. They can also automate hack attacks against thousands of small businesses at the same time.

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Piles of credit cards with a fishhook on a computer keyboard
Tips on Identifying a Phishing Scheme

Phishing Emails and How to Identify Them

Phishing schemes are everywhere and affect a huge number of individual users and businesses. In fact, they cost businesses around the world over $6 billion each year. Half of all internet users receive at least one phishing email a day. Some phishing emails are outlandish and seem like obvious frauds while others look very convincing.

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